What to bring when you visit Norfolk…

What do you take when setting off on an adventure to Norfolk?

This is my list of things to bring to Norfolk, I see them as essentials, see if you agree.


The British Summer or Winter requires access to wellies or the very least waterproof trainers. With lots of country walks, seaside wanders, country park adventures don’t forget this essential piece of footwear.

Why Norfolk… A Coastal Walk


2. A Flask 

In summer or winter, you can’t beat a good old cup of tea or coffee on the beach. Norfolk has some amazing cafes and places to eat but there is something about going the distance and finding somewhere no one else is and looking into the vast open distance that require a cup of something hot.

3. Picnic Blanket

This goes hand in hand with wellies and flask really. A waterproof backed version is preferable, especially on a grassy adventure. As long as it’s a dry day you could use this anywhere, park, beach, wood or adventure playground.

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Norfolk’s Hidden Gem’s Contact Details

4. Books 

I love a good holiday with a book in tow. A log fire, a wooly blanket or hot tub, prosecco and clear Norfolk sunset on the lighter evenings. It’s a fine setting to indulge and let your mind escape. We have many books in our holiday homes, so don’t worry if you forget one.


5. An adventurous spirit

There is just so much to see and do in Norfolk, so you need an adventurous heart to cross the county to see the sea, the country side, the broads, the city, the towns, the quays and all that Norfolk has to offer. Check out previous blogs for info or get in contact info@norfolkshiddengems.co.uk for assistance with planning some adventures. Although the best adventures are unplanned.

Why Norfolk… The Beaches


For more Norfolk photos: Norfolk in Pictures


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