Why Norfolk? Family time…

So it’s the count down to the six weeks holidays, your heading to Norfolk for a week of fun, memory making, family bonding and general rest from your term time chaos…

SO what do you do whilst your here this summer???

There is so much you can do – Norfolk is bursting with family attractions. From tots to teens there are places to visit, free entertainment, shows, city exploring, boat trips, good old traditional beach fun and so much more. Within a short drive you can be at a beach or in a town having a coffee with free wifi (for the teens).

So here are my 10 fave tried and tested family time faves:

  1. Go to any beach along this glorious Norfolk coast, Wells next to sea is a fairly great compromise of beach, sand, cafe and a small train ride (the kind of distance you could walk but so much fun for kids & grandparents) to Wells for fish and chips, dutch pancakes, great adventure pirate ship playground, arcades, ice cream, pubs and shops.
  2. Norwich, a city full of surprises. It has a great Castle museum and Art Gallery. This has an excellent exhibition on this summer The British Art Show, http://www.museums.norfolk.gov.uk,  excellent shopping, cinemas, restaurants, a market, swimming pools, six soft play centres and much more… A great trip if it’s not the weather for a day at the beach.
  3. A trip over to the broads, maybe a stroll around Wroxham. Hire a boat and meander along the broads, taking in the unique scenery. How about the broads museum http://www.museumofthebroads.org. This is outside and allows dogs.
  4. How about a wildlife safari in the Broads? Canadian Canoes can be hired at various locations and many provide these wonderful canoeing tours.  Check out http://www.thecanoeman.co.uk They do reasonable priced tours, such as Otter spotting tours or Bittern Spotting trails and much more.
  5. What about an adventure day at High Altitude park, could this be more in line with your families preferences. High ropes and the rest!
  6. How about a classic day in Cromer, Crab fishing, Fish and Chip eating, Ice cream licking whilst having a paddle and a show on the pier? http://www.cromerpier.co.uk
  7. A tour of the coastline on the coastal road, stopping for paddles, stone skimming, photos, coffee and sea food.
  8. West runton beach, is a family favourite – its a typical day at the beach. Bring all your beach stuff, park up and head down the ramp. It has a shop for refreshments and public toilets. Main attraction, SAND !
  9. A seal trip from Morston Quay, Blakeney point is a national trust beauty spot, with the added attraction of seals. Try one of these companies for a not to be missed trip of seal spotting, http://www.beansboattrips.co.uk, http://www.sealtrips.co.uk. You will need to look up for timings, as they change with the tide.
  10. Sheringham country park, is a beautiful woodland park with coastal views. It has so much space for kids and adults alike. It’s a great place if you have a family of keen younger riders, bikes are welcome. Every Monday throughout the holidays they have family events on check out http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk.

Keeping it to 10 has actually been impossible as there are so many more things I’d love to share, watch this space for more family fun in the sun ideas!

If you haven’t yet seen http://www.norfolkshiddengems.co.uk you won’t have seen the many new properties we have been busy adding this year. Check us out, we have holiday homes for everyone.

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